Saturday, July 21, 2012


My Best Friend

A best friend is the first person who comes in when, out of the door, the whole world has gone. A best friend is one who loves the truth and you, and will tell the truth in spite of you. There are lots of people who you make friendship with, but it is very hard to find a true and honest friend. But I am very lucky that I have a best friend with whom I can share my feelings and divide grief with. His name is Jassi. He is very friendly, and I am very happy to have him as my best friend. He is very well respectful, hardworking, and an honest person.

First, Jassi has all those friendly habits that we seek in a friend such as friendly behavior and respectfulness. He is very respectful and friendly person. For example, to be more respectful person, if anybody comes to his house, he welcomes him or her to come in and ask to have a seat and then he ask him or her to have something to drink very nicely. He is also very helpful person. For instance, he helps his parents in their work such as mowing the lawn and cleaning the house. He also helps his mother preparing the dinner and helps her in washing the dishes.

Also, Jassi is a hardworking and a very punctual person. He likes doing his work on time. For example, he always does his homework and gives it to the teacher whenever it is due. He always attends his classes and prepare for his tests and quizzes. And to keep his grade up in all classes, he studies hard for tests and quizzes. On the other hand, he works a part time job, so he could make his pocket money. But also sometimes he works overtime on the weekend to make more money for his future studies for college.

Finally, Jassi is very honest friend. He is very well mannered and organized person. He loves the truth and hate lying. Beyond that if he make any mistakes, he tries to solve the mistake. He doesn't like hiding things like most of the people, such as hiding the truth. And he always keeps his work. He takes every risk to be successful in life.

In conclusion, Jassi is very friendly and well organized person. He loves the people who speak truth and to be successful in life he is working very hard. And I am very happy to have him as my best friend! 

Sumber : kausalyaa

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