Friday, May 20, 2011

The Best Language Speaking Learning

Required Tools
1) Magic Iso - get it for free at
2) Pass word :


1) Download Magic Iso and install it.

2) Load up Magic Iso.

3) At this point, you have the option of buying the full version of Magic Iso if you want to use it indefinitely for a later usage, or click "Try It!" for a trial run. For this tutorial, we're going to go ahead with the trail, so click that option.

4) Click the "Tools" tab on top and go to the third option that says "Virtual CD/DVD Drive"

5) In the window that pops up next to it, hover your mouse cursor over the first option until another window appears and choose "Change Driver Letter"

6) Click on "Change Drive Letter" and choose which drive you want Magic Iso to emulate. For this tutorial, let's pick (M:)

7) Go back to "Virtual CD/DVD Drive" > "M: No Media" > and now click "Mount"

8) In the explorer window, browse for the .MDF file you want to emulate and select it. Press "Open".

9) In the Magic Iso browser, your file should now be emulated, with a full list of files of the .MDF image.

10) Right click the main directory of the emulated drive on the lefthand list of the browser.

11) Choose "Extract"

12) A explorer window should now have sprung up, asking you where you want to extract the files to. Extract the file to wherever you want.

Congratulations, you have just opened a .MDF file and extracted all the data within! Remember these tips for the next time you run across one of these types!

Stay tuned for more tutorials on how to do miscellaneous computer tasks.

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